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If you are like me, you understand the power of a well-written, & properly formatted résumé.  It acts as your personal marketing brochure with the goal of gaining the employer’s attention. The information contained in your résumé will bring you to the next step in the hiring process…the interview.

River City Résumé, in Clinton, Iowa, now offers résumé writing services, specializing in corporate, student & federal résumés, interview coaching, & career counseling through UnleashStrengths. Unique fonts, custom built layouts & eye catching colors are just a few of the ways we ensure our products are crafted to capture the applicant’s unique personality.

Our founders, Marlana & Andy Sokolovich, are veterans of the United States Air Force. During their time serving as active duty air traffic controllers, Marlana & Andy were educated in the skills necessary to secure employment as a civilian. With advanced management training, Six-Sigma, leadership development, & military bearing, they harness the training necessary to help others succeed.  Marlana is also a veteran DOD employee familiar with the skills required to gain Federal employment.

UnleashStrengths is a professional coaching company focused on the Strengths-based development strategies pioneered by Gallup over fifty years ago. As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Andy is able to help career seeking individuals identify their unique talents, & translate those skills into strengths that would appeal to any employer. For more information on UnleashStrengths, please visit www.UnleashStrengths.com.

Marlana has been crafting résumés for job seekers for over two years. Her skills at résumé composition, attention to detail, formatting, & attractiveness has helped her client’s secure long-term employment & increased visibility within the community. As a veteran federal employee, Marlana understands the requirements associated with federal résumés, and drafting applications specifically for federal hiring websites such as USAJobs.gov.

Below is a testimonial we recently received from the new employer of one of our past clients.



“I was very impressed with the resume that was put together by Marlana from River City Résumé. The information was clear and concise, and she did a great job of complimenting the applicant’s strengths. From someone who looks at many résumés each week, the attention to detail was noticeable and really stood out!” Jason Knockel | CEO Kunkel & Associates, Inc | Dubuque, Iowa